My previous post last week introduced Creole Forth for JavaScript as a new project. As of today I’m pleased to report significant progress. It has close to 70 words and is close to its companion languages in out-of-the-box functionality. Below is a list of features that were implemented this week.

  1. Colon compiler
  2. IF-THEN-ELSE branching
  3. BEGIN-UNTIL looping
  4. Timing primitives
  5. List compiler which allows a list of words to be passed as a single unit onto the stack
  6. CREATE, DOES> and , (comma). DOES> doesn't work right yet inside a colon definition
  7. @ and !
  8. CONSTANT and VARIABLE. Since CONSTANT relies on DOES> do not use it yet in a colon definition.
  9. DEFINITIONS - sets the context vocabulary to the current
  10. MSGBOX - takes a value off the stack and puts it in an alert box
  11. EVAL - evaluates raw JavaScript code. This is limited to alerts right now for security reason
  12. VLIST - outputs the dictionary as an HTML table
  13. Single and multiline comments